April 2, 2007

Do Hipsters Ream Praying Electric Sheep?

Why, yes, yes they do.



I'd forgotten how much I liked the class blog for Parsons' The Art And Craft Of Toy Design until I stumbled across this post where a secular humanist student brings Eternal Condemnation down on her head by martyring an innocent praying lamb plush toy with an Exacto and a digital camera.


Related, but only slightly: another student, Rebecca Stern, made some fuzzy plush red blood cells that glow inside. They look to be about 10,000x life size, the diameter of a CD or a small tortilla. The anemic one glows slightly purple, of course, to indicate low oxygenation.

Cotton the Evil Christian Propaganda Lamb [yg.typepad.com]
Blood cells, Fish mobile [yg.typepad.com]
Previously: Electronic Toy Design Class Weblog
Related; artist Kent Rogowski's photos of inside-out bears


this is my most favorite headline ever in the history of dt

When I first saw the red things I thought somebody had skinned an Elmo, and I was very excited.

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