April 2, 2007

Do Hipsters Ream Praying Electric Sheep?

Why, yes, yes they do. I'd forgotten how much I liked the class blog for Parsons' The Art And Craft Of Toy Design until I stumbled across this post where a secular humanist student brings Eternal Condemnation down on her...
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Wha? What's The Delivery Date Over/Under?

We're out in Salt Lake City for a few days; I've got a speaking gig at the University of Utah, and there's a confluence of cousins in town at the moment, so the kid's getting some face time, which is...
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Boston Globe: Toddler Breastfeeders In "Closet," Not "Cult"

So moms who continue to breastfeed their kids are not "earth mother stereotypes"; they just teach at Wellesley. They're "not a cult," says Dr. Ruth Lawrence, who chairs the AAP's breastfeeding section and wrote their "nurse for a year, at...
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Awesome ABC's Made From Mutilated Toy Soldiers

DC artist Oliver Munday made this sweet-looking alphabet from plastic toy soldiers. I'd go into details about how he did it, but everyone who isn't suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder is under a gag order at Walter Reed. Fire...
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"Silly Adults" At Nicolai Wallner, Copenhagen

To commemorate the birth of his newest son last month, Copenhagen art dealer Nicolai Wallner invited the artists he represents "to do an exhibition celebrating the spirit of life." Pretty open-ended, and the results are on the gallery's website....
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