March 30, 2007

BuyBuy Baby Bought By Bed Bath & Beyond

What the headline says. Bed Bath & Beyond [NASD: BBBY] announced last week that they had agreed to an all-cash acquisition of buybuy Baby [NADA, baby, they're privately held] for $67 million + $19 million debt retirement. It should be...
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Steve And/Or Steven-Lookin' Onesie* From Enfant Terrible

This chocolate-colored Onesie-like bodysuit by Enfant Terrible is the closest thing I've seen to an "I Hog The Ground" costume. Sure, the little flocked creature on there is supposed to be a teddy bear, but though the belly's a...
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Now That's A Baby Box: Cardboard Rolling Crib By Album di Famiglia

One of the absolutely most unabashedly beautiful, minimalist-but-not-too baby clothes designers around is Album di Famiglia. We found their newborn stuff just as the kid was growing out of the tiny available selection at Estelle, a store on 6th...
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Boost Booster Seat: LikeAYellowPages

Fred & Friends are the design fiends behind the awesome little chopstick-trainer Chopstick Kids. Once again, inspiration has struck at the Fredtable, as witnessed by Boost, a firm-yet-soft foam booster cushion shaped like the Yellow Pages [but with butt-width...
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The Checker Station Wagon: SubUrban Family Truckster

Can America's best-known taxicab bring happiness to a suburban family while masquerading as a station wagon? The question is not nearly as facetious as it sounds. - Jim Whipple, Popular Mechanics, Sept. 1962Oh, I wouldn't be so sure, Jim. First...
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So What Makes/Breaks An Infant/Toddler Day Care Setup?

Whatryagonnado? Here's a quote from Emily Bazelon's article about what the results of the latest NICHD day care study really do and don't mean[study author Margaret] Burchinal points out that on average, day care for infants and toddlers is worse...
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Fearless Slate Speaks Truth To Day Care Study

Over at Slate, Emily Bazelon unpacks the coverage of that long-term NIH day care study to figure out why all the media types are so down on day care, especially since the real results of the study show that childcare...
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If Found, Please Return This USB Drive & The Kid Wearing It

A geekdad adapted an auto-run software trick for adding an "If you're reading this, this USB stick is lost. Please return it to me at..." message to a USB memory stick into a kidtracking solution for the family vacation at...
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