March 29, 2007

Whoops: Sample Sale At Netto Collection TODAY, 3/29-30


Yeah, sorry about that. Gmail just kills me sometimes.

Netto Collection is having a sample sale starting today--Thursday, March 29 and Friday, March 30--where floor samples of furniture and accessories will be up to 60% off. From what I can gather, there are both Netto and Cub Collection items available.

11AM-6PM each day, in the Netto showroom, credit card and check sales only. If you check it out, definitely send in a report [after you score your own sweet deal, that is.]

Netto Collection
270 Lafayette Street (@ Prince)
Suite #1204
11AM-6PM Thurs/Fri

Get a preview of what you'll probably miss if you're not already camping out in line at and [thanks to NC@NC for the heads up]

[Also, nice product placement: Netto's Case Group Crib in the background of Notes From The Underbelly, an upcoming comedy on ABC that looks like Sex and the City-meets-Friends, but with babies instead of Matt LeBlanc. Color me skeptical.]

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