March 29, 2007

Ioline Crib From Kalon Studios: Angeleno-Berliner Werkstatte


Yow, it's like the sweet bamboo crib market is growing by a foot a day.

Kalon Studios is Michaele Simmering and Johannes Pauwen, a mom-dad team based in Los Angeles and Berlin [and I thought our NY-DC commute was brutal]. They make a small collection of gorgeous-looking, modern sustainable furniture. Their Ioline crib is named after their daughter, Io.

The Ioline is available in oiled bamboo. The folding side has sleek, nickel-looking latches. The design is green moderne, as if, instead of going west, Josef Hoffman took the Silk Road to visit the Gamble House.


No word on pricing, but bringing those things across the Gobi on camels ain't cheap. Actually, they're all made to order in LA, which isn't cheap, either. Kalon's participating in CA Boom 4 this weekend, too, so pack up the hybrid and start heading west to Santa Monica.

Or east, I guess, depending on where you're driving from.

Kalon Studios []

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