March 29, 2007

Hey, Chrysler! I Gotchyer Backseat TV Right Here!

You want to throw down over TV in the backseat, Chrysler? Time and place, baby, time and place. What, you think I'm not Sirius? How about right now on eBay. When it comes to backseat entertainment, the Scion xB is gonna rock the Town AND the Country, nowhatmsayin? T to the *^%*&@^in' V:


Mrs BigGrizzly12 just had their fourth kid--congrats!--so now they have to upsize. Which means letting go of this 2004 xB show car with a giant in-dash Clarion DVD player and close to $15K of factory-installed add-ons. That includes the must-add leather interior, shown here as a TRD custom job. True, the DVD player's not in the backseat, but it's definitely visible from the back. And with the dad connection and a Buy It Now price under $13,000, it's worth a look. Auction ends Mar. 31.


A Scion dealer in Texas outfitted a 2005 xB for its own show car purposes, adding a 15" dropdown DVD and a massive Kenwood audio system that "sound [sic] like you are in the theater." D'oh, too slow! This $37,000 MSRP vehicle [again, sic] already went for a BIN price of $16,950.


Here's another one you missed, a 2005 Dub trophy winner with so many headrest screens, it even has them where there aren't any seats to watch from. I guess you could try and put a stroller on top of that cone, but you'd risk scratching the awesome hoochymama airbrush job. Class all the way.

But wait, you say, all these are fine--or, in the case of the Dub whip, fiiiiiine--but you can get a DVD player at Costco. What about the next generation of backseat entertainment?



What their mothers say, we don't know, but Scion of Kirkland is proud to offer this one-of-a-kind custom show car, which comes complete with a KVH satellite receiver [Direct TV subscription not included], an Alpine HD DVD receiver, and four--that's right, FOUR--LCD screens, including two 19" monitors in back, and a 7-inch in-dash.


One giant screen is there in the rear door, the other's in back, where the giant tanks of Sparks alcoholic energy drink are kept.


When those are tapped out, you can still keep your buzz going with the Sparks stashed in the pair of refrigerators located where the real back seats used to be. No word on whether those mismatched orange leather jumpseats have LATCH. To be honest, they don't appear to have seat belts.


So. Four TV's, satellite/DVD, a giant tank of liquor, and no seat belts. How many generations ahead is this backseat entertainment? Auction ends April 3rd.

Your move, Chrysler.


Hell yeah. My xB has been to 27 states... got the speakers but not TV's yet...

and works well to shlep my 15 month old daughter.

Xb's are great cars.

[I'm pretty sure the 'B' is for "backseat entertainment" -ed.]


Wicked, wicked, wicked! That is one killer ride dude!

My last name is Sparks and that just made me feel all fuzzed up inside!

Where on earth can you get that drink man? I live in Canada?

Cheers and keep up the good work!!!

wow! a sparks car! holy shit my dreams have come true!

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