March 29, 2007

Eh-Oh! The Real World: Teletubbyland


This is the story of ten vaguely familiar-looking-but-unplaceable and desperate-for-attention strangers with undiagnosed narcissist personality disorder picked to visit a pop-up store in a limply decorated loft, have their picture taken with four even more obscure and desperate NPD's in giant plush costumes, and find out what happens when a gaggle of unrelenting marketers and publicists stop being polite and start trying to squeeze every possible penny out of America's tweens by triggering early-onset nostalgia for the mind-numbing media properties of their toddlerhood.

The Opening Reception of the Teletubbies Pop Up Gallery in Greenwich Village in New York City on March 27, 2007*** NO TABLOIDS / SKIN MAGS ***
© Mick Rock / Retna Ltd. [ via gawker]
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