March 28, 2007

Sweet Creative Playthings Slot-Together Ply Noah's Ark


In their heyday, Creative Playthings had a lot of wonderful toys of their own design, but they also distributed products from around the world. Those classic wood trucks were from some dude in Finland, for example.

And this awesome, slot-together Noah's Ark was from Rumbold Gallery, a UK game & toy outfit, and made in Finland. Really beautiful, though since there's only one each, the rabbit, lamb, goose, and pig are slotted for either extinction or cross-breeding. Actually, all those animals look kind of small and slotted for potentially hazardous gnawing.

Creative Playthings Wooden Noah's Ark Playset Finland, ends Apr. 3, opening bid $4+6.38 s/h [ebay]
update: there were only three bids, it ended at $9.49+s/h

1 Comment

it is a nice product but i dont think it would be suitiable for a child to play with as they may take the toy apart

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