March 28, 2007

If You're Receiving, Then You're Not Thinking About Syphillis


Can't decide whether to file this one in the Never-on-Bloggingbaby folder, or the Front-Page-of-StrollerDerby folder. Or maybe the health risks to the fetus of extra-marital blowjobs during pregnancy are significant enough to warrant their own folder.

From Dan Savage's column in the Voice this week:

Q: I am a recently married 30-year-old straight guy. My wife is great, and in fact, we have a baby on the way. My relationship with my wife is a good one. We married for all the right reasons after a long "courtship." My problem lies with my addiction, if you will, to receiving head from a particular male.

[cut the part about how big his tool is, and how bad Dan feels about breaking up a gay guy and his hot straight trick, and get straight to the part about sexually transmitted infections like oral syphillis, gonorrhea, and herpes]

A: ... Didja know that syphilis can work its way through the placenta and infect a fetus?...

Savage Love: The Dilemmas of a Deep Dickin' Dude [villagevoice]
image: horatio3k's flickr stream via Jonathan Coulton's classic "flickr," which the kid calls "the grandma song"


I think I've read this story before:

[sweet, DT's first Ibsen reference! -ed.]

I promise you no STD's were transmitted on that night.

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