March 28, 2007

Vilebrequin Dad-Son Swimsuits: The Official Hamptons Uniform For Doughy I-Bankers

The official selling point of Vilebrequin's swim trunks is that they have a unique vent system that prevents unattractive air bubbles from forming when you get into the swimming pool or ocean. The reasons the colorfully printed, traditionally cut...
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"I was like really high up, so the baby landed right on the seat."

Said Lisa Tauer, 28, a manager at Fashion Bug in Ashland, WI, who was talking about the front seat of their Dodge Neon, where she was perched as her husband Jereme, 29, was driving to the hospital. Jereme Tauer said...
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JPMA's Mod Cat Bounce, Or Making $14 The Hard Way

So the JPMA show's coming up next month in Orlando, the last one, since the trade organization ceded the show business to the much bigger Las Vegas rival, the ABC Kids Expo. But even if they're crying on the inside,...
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No Sushi, No Beef, No Sushi, No Beef

First, let me take back the headline. Sure, a University of Rochester study just showed that the sons of women who ate a lot of beef during pregnancy showed sperm count decreases of as much as 25%, which researchers linked...
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Sweet Creative Playthings Slot-Together Ply Noah's Ark

In their heyday, Creative Playthings had a lot of wonderful toys of their own design, but they also distributed products from around the world. Those classic wood trucks were from some dude in Finland, for example. And this awesome,...
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If You're Receiving, Then You're Not Thinking About Syphillis

Can't decide whether to file this one in the Never-on-Bloggingbaby folder, or the Front-Page-of-StrollerDerby folder. Or maybe the health risks to the fetus of extra-marital blowjobs during pregnancy are significant enough to warrant their own folder. From Dan Savage's...
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Alternadad: The Comic Adaptation In The Voice

I am so cool. I am so cool. Everybody loves me. I am so cool. The cartoonists need a few extra weeks to formulate their responses, I guess. Neal Pollack's Alternadad gets a cartoon review from Ward Sutton in the...
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