March 27, 2007

My Silly Pony: Honestly, Hermes, I Expected More From You


I just stumbled across this photo from around Christmas, when we went into Aix-en-Provence for the market. We got separated in the antiques section, and so the kid and I chose the most obvious rallying point--the Hermes store--and started texting.

Frankly, the New York store is much more stroller-friendly, so we waited outside, which allowed the kid more time to stare longingly at a large porcelain platter, which she wanted so badly, she cried all the way home.

Haha, kidding. But she didn't really care about Hermy the EUR335 plush horse, either.


I don't see why Hermes try to fob off silly stunt gifts like this--or the $190 wool/dacron [!] infant toy horse; it's not like their customer can be in on the joke. The cashmere/wool baby blanket is the only reasonable Hermes baby gift at all. At least until they start making tiny little Birkin bags you have to get on the waitlist for as soon as the ultrasound results are in.

Hermes Baby Gifts []


I think they sell stuffed toys like that at Petsmart...cheaper, and they squeak! Let's see what kind of squeaker that wool/dacron horse has for $190! Hermes Shmermes. However, if someone got my daughter that cashmere baby blanket, they would be written into my will that very same day.

I think the plush horse is great!!!

Wow! 190 dollars for that cute little pony? I hope that it comes to life on command and back into a stuffed little pony when your done with it.

Fou, indeed. But I do want that plushy horse...wonder if it's mohair.

Trying to get BenDadda to come see your blog, it's very clever ;-)

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