March 25, 2007

Tinkerbell LED Suitcase: I Don't Want To Be 'Trend-Right'


I don't know why the idea of a kid-sized pink and green vinyl Tinkerbell suitcase studded with LED's never bothered me before.

Actually I do know why: because the merest possibility of the existence of a blinking fairy suitcase had never entered within a hundred miles of my brain. Ever.

What does bother me, though: the fact that there's a company full of people whose main purpose in life is to dream up new combinations for vinyl, blinking lights, and licensed characters.

See a tiny video of the kid's latest gift in action [3gp file, plays in quicktime]
"Trend-right products, systematic category analysis...": Animations by Accessory Network []


Oh, man. I can NOT let my daughter see that video...

LOL... I think the bags they sell at are more suited to your style & taste. The important question, of course, is whether your daughter likes her new bag or not.

On a good note, it's probably not an entire company, just a couple of guys with multiple specializations in economics and accounting who cross reference potential population demographics, licensing costs, production costs, shelf space, and advertising costs (minus the free advertising you just gave them).

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