March 21, 2007

Kids These Days

Growing up Mormon, we knew an above-average number of large families, up to the "Hey, now you can field your own football team!" variety.

On a completely unrelated note, here's a candy bar commercial from England. [youtube via neatorama]


I remember seeing this on some best of commericals show and thinking it was cute. To bad that brand isn't big in the U.S., the commerical would do well. I think, I mean, what the hell do I know?

[what the hell does that kid know? Sheesh. -ed.]

Very cute commercial. Very inventive. Almost as inventive as the IKEA ones. I'll have to show the MRS. Amelia will be 1 on Saturday. Gotta start on another!!!

So, being the good Mormon, when are you and the little woman popping out some new souls, oops, I meant siblings for your sprout?

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