March 21, 2007

Embedded Razor Blade Makes First Years Sleeper Extra Close, But Less Secure


On their way home from the hospital Ted, a new dad in Wisconsin, and his new mom/fiancee stopped by Target to pick up a First Years Close & Secure Sleeper for the kid. I'll let Ted's email to Consumerist pick it up from here:

It is a mini-bed of sorts that allows your baby to sleep in bed with mom and dad. This afternoon we put it on the couch and put the baby in it while we watched tv. This evening my fiancée was getting tired and she wanted to take the baby upstairs and put her in our bed so they could both get some sleep. I folded it up, brought it upstairs, and unfolded it on the bed. That's when I saw it: the silhouette of a razor blade beneath the mattress cover for the Sleeper.
And the best part: it was absolutely free! Still, I can understand Ted's being unhappy about the situation; I prefer the triple-bladed closeness and security of the Gillette Mach3 Sleeper myself.

If this were BloggingBaby, this is where I'd ask, "Have you ever found any deadly implements hidden in your baby's furniture?"

Babies and Razor Blades Don't Mix
Buy a First Years Close & Secure Sleeper, $39.99, razor blade optional, [target]


Well we know the AAP doesn't like co-sleeping, but what is their official stance on sleeping with razor blades?

how did you learn jason calicanus's secret to stimulating intelligent conversation?

[studying at your knee, master -ed.]

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