March 20, 2007

Boy, Does The Kid Love Her Magna-Tiles


I've been meaning to write about Magna-Tiles sooner, but frankly, we've been too busy playing with Magna-Tiles. She's playing with them right now.

The kid had a playdate a few weeks back, and the other kid had a 32-piece set of these awesome, clear plastic tiles with little magnets all around the perimeter. They spent almost the whole time building their little city with them.

So when my dad asked about birthday present suggestions, we passed the idea along, and in typical grandparent style, the Deluxe 100-piece set showed up in a couple of days. It really is a lot, and the kid could do just fine with the smaller set. But then she'd have to take down one of the Empire State Buildings to add another church spire to the cityscape. Or her animals would have to get by with one-story pyramid houses in which to have their tea parties. And you might only be able to build one hexagon at a time [the kid has three in three alternating color schemes scattered around the tables like coasters at the moment.

They also come in opaque versions, too, but the clear ones look so nice in the sunlight. Good stuff.

A 32-piece set of Magna-Tiles Clear Colors goes for $54.95, while the 100-piece set is $119.95. [amazon]


They look very cool. Would you say this toy is safe for the big sibling of a 6 month old (meaning: are the magnets very safely attached and can't be eaten off?) Thanks!

[oh yeah, the magnets are inside, completely inaccessible. Depending on the older kid's tendency to poke, you may want to watch the corners, but even so, they're no pointier than wooden blocks. -ed.]

If the kid likes Magna-Tiles, she'll LOVE Crystal Climbers.

[was thinking the same thing, I've been bidding on some vintage ones on eBay the last couple of months. -ed.]

So funny - I just wrote about these, too. My kids are obsessed with them. I thought 32 pieces were plenty, but now I'm craving that 100 piece set. We've got two birthdays coming up, so maybe there's hope on the grandparent front...

Thanks for your reply. Now to find a retailer that ships to Europe at reasonable cost...

We don't own those, but really enjoying playing with them at Studio Grow in Berkeley (an awesome expensive indoor playspace). They have them on a whiteboard that's mounted on the wall. Cool magnets on a whiteboard is the best toddler entertainment center ever.

[wow, I never would've thought of using them on a wall. -ed.]

These look lovely, and not expensive either. We need some.

[if you're near Berkeley, you may be able to get them for free, just 1-2 at a time... -ed.]

My son is obsessed with magna-tiles too. When he's at school he's playing with them, when he comes home he draws pictures of himself with his friends and what are all the little shapes on the floor, I ask.... MAGNA-TILES MOM! I LOVE THEM.... they're currently stashed in my closet waiting to go under the Christmas Tree

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