March 19, 2007

Ducduc Hunting In The Meadowlands: 70% Off, No Waiting

ducduc_dwr_annex.jpgEven if they wished it were wabbit season around the web last week, it was definitely ducduc season yesterday when I stopped by the DWR Annex in Secaucus, The Meadowlands, New Jersey.

Right there in the window, they had a beautiful ducduc crib and dresser, from the Austin Collection, in celadon. No nicks or flaws to put up with like a lot of the factory store stuff, either. It turns out ducduc had discontinued the color, and the remaining stock went here.

There were a dozen cribs, too, several assembled floor models, and eight stacked in boxes. There were--and I hate to write this after reading about John's leadtime limbo last week--an easy half a dozen dressers with changing tables, ready for immediate shipping. Hell, you coulda taken'em home right then, cash&carry if you wanted.

I have to hand it to ducduc, too, their stuff really sells in person. It's beautiful, and the glossy finish is almost sexy. [Is it wrong to call nursery furniture sexy?] You can easily see why it'd cost $1,500 for a dresser and $1,290 for a crib. Not that you'd pay that at the Annex, of course. Those bad boys started out at $659 and $629, and then an additional 30% off that. That's right, $461 for a ducduc dresser and $440 for a crib. mint-in-box.

The directions to the DWR Annex are right here. Call ahead, though. There were three pregnant couples milling around during the fifteen minutes I was there, and they looked hungry for celadon.

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