March 16, 2007

Don't Be Fooled By Baby Gloomy Bear's Cuteness


The whole point of Gloomy Bear is that he grows up to maul and eat humans. The fact that he's cute as a baby is just a way of getting your kid to let his guard down, then one day, while he's sleeping, with all his bears and other stuffed animals snuggled around him--THWACK! CHOMP!--they're gonna attack.


Or, you know, not. Totally your call how you spin that ending: "That's just strawberry jam on his fangs, honey. Gloomy really likes you."

Baby Gloomy Bear by Mori Chakku, $32.50, exclusively at yoya []
Gloomy "Get Up!!!" Poster, Y630 at Chax Colony [, in japanese]


Gloomy is by far my daughter's favorite toy. The older one with the claws. The monsters in her closet are going to be afraid of her.

[we ended up with a Malfi from friendswithyou as a way to pry the Gloomy doll out of the kid's hands one day at Yoya. She was sold, I was scared. -ed.]

My daughter has the big pink "heavy blood" Gloomy with the gigantic claws. She likes to say he ate too much cherry pie. Whatever, we know the truth...

There's a great interview with the creater of Gloomy in this month's edition of Giant Robot. In fact, there's a wonderful cover too. worth checking out for any REAL Gloomy fan.

omg i wish i had one

I want a Gloomy bear soo bad ill do anything...Im only getting a pink gloomy bear bag...its soo adorabul

SilentTreatmentSaf3tyPinnZ xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

omg! i LOVE gloomy bears! i think there adorable! i bought like 4 of them in "japan LA" at the sparkle party! it was SOOO fun!
Datreon Book

OMG .!
I Love Gloomy bear .! I think, he is so cute .!

there so cute but violent-_-
I like baby Gloomy bear though.

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