March 15, 2007

Muji Music Box Mashup


So literally, as I'm reading about how a congressman from Pittsburgh cited the artistic value of mashups, DJ Drama's mixtapes, and Girl Talk's sampling, it turns out the kid has wound up both her Muji music boxes at once, and is dancing and saying, "Do you like the beautiful music, daddy?"

Yes, honey, yes I do. Here's an mp3 clip I recorded in Garageband: Muji Music Boxes Mashup, 0:38, 600kb.

The kid'll be mixing at PS1's Warm Up Series this summer to support her new EP.

Perhaps the Coolest Moment in the History of Congress and Why it Matters [463 via waxy]

1 Comment

like the music boxes, where did you find them?

[muji? -ed.]

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