March 15, 2007

KFed's A Poet And He Didn't Know It


Nothing against the fine, whimsical work coming out of MaryJack Studios, mind you, which is perfect for nurseries of every type and decor. But I gotta say, I'm baffled by the very notion that having your product appear in magazines with, respectively, a sack-hopping wigga, a drug-addled, dead poledancer, and a wacked out hillbilly nutjob on the covers, is considered a good thing.

So it just goes to follow that I can't fathom why you'd pay someone five grand/month to put your product there in the first place, and THEN to turn around and claim a d-list celebrity's acceptance of your totally comped merch as a badge of honor or merit.

That said, even I have to give props to the unexpectantly mordant poetry formed by the three tabloid covers in MJS's press release:

of the



The sighs you hear, meanwhile, are coming from grocery checkouts around the country, where high school emos trying to buy cigarettes are looking up through their hair, and realizing that wow, KFed, like, knows exactly how they feel.

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Tori Spelling is not d-list, fool. Anyone who gets the lead role in a Hallmark TV movie is c-list minimum.

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