March 15, 2007

Fabulous Eames Child's Chair Comes Out Of Closet, Goes Straight To eBay


I love that the description of this pristine, vintage, molded ply chair starts out, "you are bidding on a child's chair designed by charles eames in 1946." Because with the bid currently at $1,525 and the reserve price still unmet, I so clearly am NOT bidding.

That said, if you're a serious collector, this is exactly what you want to hear: "This chair comes from the original owners that bought it new and put in a closet for 60 years. there is not a scratch on it. it is in mint original condition."

According to pioneering mid-century modern dealer Mark McDonald, there was only one trial production run of these chairs in 1946. He has a beautiful but somewhat faded red-stained version of the Eames child's chair for $7,500.

I was gonna say, if you want a chair the kid can actually sit on, get a reissued version from Vitra, but at current exchange rates, £276 works out to--Hey!--about $1,525!

Rare Eames Child's Chair Best One You Will Ever Find, bidding ends Mar. 18 [ebay via dt reader mark]
Eames Child's Chair, 1945/2004, 276 pounds []

update: it sold for $3,750, pretty good, considering.

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Oh my god....what ever it sells for, it's worth it! I used an original of this in an Eames exhibit I worked on and oh my is the most deliciously perfect modern child object ever.

The thing is tiny, and so adorable you want to pick it up and hug it. I'd practically push my boy out of the chair and start cuddling it instead, given the chance. So maybe I shouldn't have one ;)

[def reinforcing my vitrine before you come over. -ed.]

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