March 14, 2007

You Will Gladly Pay $30 More On Thursday Than For A Bugaboo Today

If you're considering buying a Bugaboo for your nanny, then $20 or $30 means nothing to you. The cost of a bowl of granola at your power breakfast at the Regency, which you never see the bill for anyway. For the rest of us, though, that $20 is a quarter tank of gas in our Hummers.

Either way, a shopkeep told me that Bugaboo is raising prices on March 15. Tomorrow.

Adjust your Bugaboo Unit conversion tables accordingly.

Bugaboo Frog: was $729, will be $759
Bugaboo Cameleon: was $879, will be $899

Looks like the Average Joe with his Frog gets hit for $30, while Mr. Fat Cat and his Cameleon skate by with just a $20 jump. No mention of the unwashed masses and their $679 Geckos, though. Odd.


Low end theory: I heard a lighter, smaller stroller (maybe a gecko replacement) was in the works.

I also heard from a shop owner that the Gecko will be discontinued in the near future.

I actually heard the Frog was going away..

In any case, the product portfolio doesn't make sense. The strollers are too similar to justify the expense of developing and marketing 3 different versions.

Ok, so I just don't get it. Really, I don't. What's the point of blowing $750 or more on a stroller? I thought we dropped some serious jack on the double Maclaren we just picked up (#2 just recently arrived and our oldest is only 2), spending a mere $289. To me, the Bugaboo looks like an overpriced status symbol.

Heck, I didn't think we should spend nearly $300 on the Maclaren, but give the experience we had with our single Maclaren (Quest), the double Techno was a no-brainer.

While we could certainly afford the Bugaboo, I'd rather put the money away for the kids to go to college.

Thank you, Jason. Thank you for saying what many think. $750 (or more) on a stroller is just insane. It's a status symbol, period.

We purchased a Maclaren double a little under a year ago and I, too, thought we were paying too much and for the name. However, it was the only double that seemed strong enough to support our girls (the evenflo double didn't last).

Watch out on the double Maclaren, though. Because of the weight and height difference from the single, it has a tendency to tip forward when encountering bumps...especially as the kids get older and heavier.

We purchased a Bugaboo Cameleon (I paid less for my first car)for our last child . What I would like to know is when are thes designers going to realize that babies GROW ? My daughter is only 2 and her feet hang of the end . Any sugesstions on a replacement ?

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