March 13, 2007

Berlin Hipsters Transform Playground Equipment Into Musical Instruments


For his thesis project at the University of the Arts in Berlin, Richard The created Playful Parasites, a set of Bluetooth-enabled sensors that transform traditional playground equipment--slides, swings, climbing toys, bouncy ride-ons--into an data-transmitting interface:

The system is designed to occupy an existing playground and its props, and to create a new, temporary identity for this heterotopical space in the city. Another important inspiration was the possibility of a multi-user interaction with different input devices which this given set of interfaces provides.
The project surfaced last fall, but The just added demo videos of each sensor, plus a performance using playground equipment as electronic musical instruments.

The video of a bunch of gruppy Berlin hipsters rocking out on a jungle gym is about as awesome and/or horrific as you would expect.

About Playful Parasites - Richard The [ via wmmna]


That's the elephant that Charles and Ray Eames have in the backyard at The House.

Would you like to touch my monkey?

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