March 13, 2007

Angus Goble's Corrugated Kid Furniture At Bubble


Beyond just the excellent selection of indie exhibitors--most of the trade show is European and US kid/baby fashion--Bubble NY has a really excellent vibe. It's in a bright, sunny loft space on the Hudson, with spaces throughout for seating or play.

Like at the Armory Show a couple of weeks ago, the spaces featured Brooklyn designer Angus Goble's eco-friendly, corrugated cardboard-and-hardboard seating. [Hardboard as in the stuff vintage boardgames and Jackson Pollock's barn floor are made out of.]

At Bubble, he deployed a range of kid-sized, rounded benches and chairs called, I believe, the Start Line Series. [Some looked hacked together this morning, frankly, so production may be a little ways off.] There were L-shaped chairs with and without legs, but my favorite was this T-shaped double-seat deal, set over by the teepee.

Vivavi's got a price of $225 for Goble's U-shaped bench
. If it hit the market tomorrow, I'd guess the price on on this one would be a little north of that.

coming soon, I'm sure:

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