March 12, 2007

Crafty Miracleworkers Transform Busted Entertainment Center, 10 Lbs. Cottage Cheese, Into Mod Toy Kitchen


Instead of dumping their busted, old entertainment center, a fine Craftserwoman and her hubby [...] transformed it into a play kitchen for about $40, not counting the cottage cheese:

...We measured just below the rim of the bowl, cut a hole, and placed the bowl in the hole - we didn't need glue or anything. Same thing for the faucet - measure, cut, and screw into place.

For the stove, we removed the glass door and covered the bottom part in the same silver contact paper. For the burners, we spray-painted plastic lids (sour cream lids for the small burners and large, Sam's size cottage cheese lids for the large burners) with a high-gloss black spraypaint. We screwed a flat-head screw through the middle to screw it into the wood...

Sam's Club sells buckets of cottage cheese in two sizes: gross [3 lbs] and disgustingly gross [5 lbs]. Even typing about that stuff makes my stomach churn. I'd rather pay $700 for the Pottery Barn Kids version--in hot pink, I don't care--than even have to think about 10 pounds of cottage cheese. Cool Whip lids, though, I'll be there for you 110%.

Cribs-style kid's kitchen from an old entertainment center [ via dt reader christy]


I'd rather pay $700 for the PBK version than actually have to build/transform something myself...

Now, if they had made this fully functional, I'd be even more impressed...

[I'd like to have an apartment big enough to handle my entertainment center collection. -ed.]

genius. rather than gianormous lids, i'd scout ikea for some trivets to act as burners.

out here in sf, craiglist always has entertainment centers listed for free. might be able to find a cool one since they're so out of fashion anymore. (--okay, not that they were ever *in* fashion)

as for that $700. i'll mash up my own kitchen, skip PBK, and i'll pay my electricity bill for 9 months instead.

Yeah, um. The replacement burner pans are only like 6 bucks for 4 of the small ones. You could probably get some old burners from a used appliance store for pretty cheap. Otherwise it's a pretty cool idea.

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