March 8, 2007

Get Into My Belly: New Baby Cake By Michelle


Michelle Christian is an award-winning cake and sugar artist located in Burgess Hill, a small town between London and Brighton. And she made a cake in the shape of a newborn baby. Also in the shape of the Millennium Falcon.

Michelle Cakes [ via wonderland]
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While my left brain admires the pastry artistry on display here, my right brain says "bleeeaaaghhh!".

Yeah, but can she make a cake of a newborn baby DRIVING the Millennium Falcon?

I want a head piece! (that's where all the yummy frosting is)

Must be traumatic to cut into that.

Yikes, that's just rude.

I'm mean, at least she should have done his eyes open to give "baby Johhny Cash" a fighting chance.

Get yourself a sharp cake knife and you can practice some "sweet" circumcisions.

You don't have to feel bad about eating it- it's actually Kuato from Total Recall.

Her talent is obvious, but the cake is creepy. The kid's face is going to give me nightmares.

Baby Yoda....

Gives new meaning to "A dingo ate my baby!"

She's apparently quite a phenomenal cake maker as never in the entire course of my 46 years on this planet have I ever seen such a realistic cake. I can't even grasp the concept and I'm a designer.

However, before I was a designer, I was an embalmer and I also do memorial website designs and if you have never seen what a dead baby looks like, have a second long look at Michelles 'Baby cake." It's hideous. It's gruesome and it's stomach churning.

Cutting into this cake would be absolutely nauseating. The sheer site of it does nothing more than stir the heinous memories embedded in my brain of the scores of parents who lovingly photograph their stillborn baby at the hospital; the first and last photograph of their precious baby they will ever have.

We're a weird breed, getting weirder. It's amazing that God ever kept us.

Michelle, how about you make a cake that looks like.... A CAKE! How's that for a concept?

thats the ugliest cake ive ever seen!

Hi Michelle:
I think you are very artistic . My first reaction was I want to make one of them. I understand how they can say ; how can you cut into this cake . Just like a beautiful flower design cake . They are a piece of art . Maybe the parties don't want to cut it; and they have one to cut on the side. After all it is a theme cake; isn't it ? It gets the message across ; that it could be for a baby shower ,baby's Christening etc. It is definately for a baby . you got your point across and beautiifuly I might add.

Ok that's just gross, ewwwwwwww. Imagine like cutting a baby, ewww nasty.


now you can have your baby and eat it too??

is that a red velvet cake??

i couldn't cut or eat a cake like that.. i want sugared flowers please.

This cake makes me sick, lets be hononable here!!!!!!!!

I Wouldnt Eat That Cake Holly Fuck Thats Creppy Are You A Fucking Cannibal?!?!

Save me a foot

i would like to know about you how can u make this cake it is really fantastic .

AS a Mother I understand all the eeewwws and yucky how could u?? But as A Cake Designer myself it's Beautiful. The Detail is so unbelievably talented that I am in aww of this cake. To all the people out there just take a moment to see the beauty and talent in this piece of art!I think that If I were a Client I would maybe have the baby as a center piece and the Cake around the baby. But another thing a lot of you don't understand is that we don't sit around going what next? People come to us with ideas and we bring them to life just as Michelle did. Kudos!!!!

But you have to cut into it! Great artistry, but as a preggo woman myself, I think that would traumatize me at my shower!

creepy cake!

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