March 5, 2007

Soon, Only 500,000 NJ Transit Passengers Will Stand Between You And Your Muji

muji_bus.jpgOK, OK, I should be stoked that Muji just announced their first store will be in the new New York Times Tower, on 40th Street across from Port Authority, and that it will be open in time for Holiday 2007. And I am, really.

But I can't ignore the fact that the store will only be 5,000 square feet, kind of skimpy to warrant the "flagship" designation. And I also can't ignore the fact that the very gracious general manager of Muji's international division confirmed to me that the US stores would not be carrying the baby and kid's lines.

You know what, though? It'll be alright. London and Paris Muji's don't carry them, either, and yet they still have some cool toys and stuff, especially around the Holiday season. And besides, they need the space for their extensive collection of Japanese commuter sneakers.

Times Tower Gets First Retail Tenant: MUJI Flagship! [themediamob]


The thing is, as much of a Muji addict as you are (I share the affliction), do you really want all the kids on your block wearing the same cool Muji clothes your kid has? I like the exclusivity that says "I sat on an airplane with a restless toddler for hours on end but look at this cool friggin' raincoat! And pillowcases! And wooden toys! And ironing board!"

[I'm not that worried; 40th street definitely ain't my block, nome sane? But I am waiting to hear about the guy who schleps his Muji ironing board back to Seacaucus on the bus. -ed.]

When I first moved to this town I picked up a microwave oven on the other side of town and brought it back home by bus; not knowing the proper transit connections yet I believe that involved about ten blocks of walking... so an ironing board would be relatively easy. (Probably easier than bringing an ironing board from Asia in your luggage, as well...)

After reading your ironing board story I'm so glad we didn't succumb and get the cool yellow tricycle they were selling for 7000yen... especially now that a local baby goods store is promising to bring a Like-a-bike-look-alike from Germany in for about $150...

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