March 2, 2007

Skywalkers Art Blimp Parade Phollow-up


I don't need anything!

All I need is this modded Scion.
And this art blimp parade.
This Scion, and this art blimip parade.
And this Bugaboo.
This Scion, this art blimp parade, this Bugaboo,
And a week at the Shore Club. That's all I need.

Skywalkers Art Blimp Parade took place Dec. 7 during the ArtBasel Miami Beach fair. It was organized by Friends With You and sponsored by Scion, which explains the tricked out rides. Including the Scion xB converted into a monster truck. Vinyl Pulse has a good photo set, including some shots of the cars. This one is from Mumblion's Sky Walker set on flickr.

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We walked on the beach and were surprised by tons of huge VERY abstract blimps. The kids loved 'em (and granted we did too). Fortunately the parade didn't start for a long time, so we could wander around looking at all the blimps and the hipsters holding the ropes to keep them from floating away.

Definitely a high point for our Miami trip.

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