February 28, 2007

Finally, Yoshitomo Nara Rompers At MoCA

Don't cut up your adult-sized t-shirt just yet. After a DT reader reported seeing them at the gift shop of Sydney's Museum of Contemporary Art, a few rounds of email has led back to Los Angeles. Their Museum of Contemporary Art has some actual infant rompers with Yoshitomo Nara characters on them, and there's even one online.

The tightrope-walking Bunny Boy looks authentically grumpy, just the devious pout you expect from your Nara children. While you're romper-shopping, check out the Marcel Dzama pogo stick contest romper, too.

Bunny Boy Infant Romper, $22, 10% discount for MoCA members [moca.org, thanks amoir and meredith at mca]
Previously: Nara plushies rare, but not as rare as Nara Onesies

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