February 27, 2007

The Kid: The Anime Version

Early on, we made a decision not to publish the kid's name or photo on Daddy Types. Then as she started pre-pre-school, I kind of pulled a curtain around her and her classmates, too.

But as soon as Sylvia emailed her anime rendition of the kid, which I'd commissioned from her RyoOoki booth at Katsucon 13 a couple of weekends ago, I wondered why I didn't do this from the get-go.

Just as every type of food should be available in chip or fry format, every person should get themselves made into anime characters. The sooner the better, too.

For all Sylvia's talents--I mean, it looks like her! It really does--I have to say, the kid's even cuter in person.

Ryo0oki's gallery page [ryo0oki.deviantart.com]
Previously: report from Katsucon 13 - day 1/1


That's cute.

I think all kids should look like that in real life, so when they run they produce 'speed lines' around themselves.

Actually, I'm pretty sure I saw speedlines when the kid ran to see my parents at the door...

So cute.

My kid (three tomorrow, woo!) was explaining to her older cousin that the lines drawn around Peter Rabbit and Mr. McGregor in the picture book "imply motion." Wow, her parents must be geeks...

I tell my daughter those are "stink lines"

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