February 27, 2007

Swiss-Made Antonio Vitali Dollhouse Will Warm You Up Inside


Before he started making organically shaped, abstract dolls for Creative Playthings in the late 50's, Antonio Vitali was making hardwood dollhouses for abstract dolls, which were sold in the Swiss National Crafts Store.

Too bad the dolls and the carved modernist furniture aren't included in this eBay sale, because this house like it's in beautiful condition. Even without the little pieces, the dollhouse carries an opening bid of $249 and a Buy It Now of $299 [and $65 shipping worldwide], enough to make you think twice before letting the kid play with it.

How much is that furniture worth? At least a couple hundred bucks; the same eBay seller got $399 (+$45 shipping) for a rougher house with an incomplete set of furniture last December.

Rare 1940's Vitali Wooden Dollhouse Creative Playthings, auction ends Mar. 5
Previously: Antonio Vitali - Spielzeugdesigner; Spectacular Creative Playthings wooden family by Antonio Vitali

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