February 27, 2007

All Hail The Kustomized Bugaboo, Part 1

A customized Bugaboo has been a backburner obsession of mine almost since the beginning of the stroller era. There was a time when I wanted to get the Bugaboo engraved, like a trophy or a piece of jewelry. But the engraving place I tracked down was closed when we stopped by, and I never went back. It's that kind of obsession.

Then in late 2005, I saw this insane, laser-etched Powerbook, but like a tattoo, I was stumped trying to come up with an image so obviously right, you want to make it permanent--but which was also unique [which unfortunately knocked 19th century drypoint etchings of lemur-like creatures off the list.]

Then it hit me last year, just about the time Von Dutch's kustomized gear and paintbox went up for auction that maybe pinstriping was the way to go. But who to ask, where to go? How to choose an artist? How to find an artist who wouldn't mow my pansy ass down for asking him to stripe a freakin' stroller? Another idea for the backburner.

But after running into the Bugaboo folks a couple of weeks ago, my customization desire was re-energized, and so I started searching. And that's when I found it:

The Pinstriped Bugaboo.


Holy Moses, it exists. And it looks awesome And--WHOA!--it's a Gecko, which suddenly made perfect sense: the spare, pared down model had cleaner lines, and more aluminum real estate for striping.

The photos were posted last October, but the striping happened in the summer, just after I gave up searching for pinstriped strollers. I've since tracked down the owners and the artist, and I'll be publishing their stories over the next couple of days. In the mean time, head on over to Populuxe Books' blog and check out a few more pictures of this sublime rig--and the cute kid who slept through the whole pinstriping thing, apparently.

Blessing of The Bugaboo! [populuxebooks]
Update: the DT Interview with the driver, at-home dad Bret Kane


You could always just apply Little Mermaid stickers all up and down the handle ;)

What happened to the kid's version that you were putting together? We've got one of those sleek black-and-metal Bug-like baskets in our living room, and every time I see it, I want to mane a mini-Boo out of it. I don't have time . . . but you actually got the materials together. Do it for us, Greg! Customize that baby-Boo!

Great article, can't wait to read more! Thanks for the link! Vanessa and Brian

To Bug or to Orbit babie?

Nice Lines. If your into cool lines check into the new Orbit Baby stroller. We bought a Bug Cameleon in 06 because the Orbit wasn't released yet. We now have both and the Orbit performs much better in all areas and has great lines. With new Orbit lines you'll go to the ultra cool league.

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