February 26, 2007

Ten Plagues Of Egypt Finger Puppets


When it rains, it pours. And pours frogs to boot. One of the kid's first toys was a set of Hindu deity finger puppets, which we threw into the diaper bag to keep her quiet at church. [Nothing like Kali Goddess of Death, to liven up a Sunday morning service.]

Anyway, when I circled back to pick up finger puppets of the world's religions, I somehow missed these: The Ten Plagues of Egypt Finger Puppets. With plague puppets this cute, you'll want to keep the blood-on-the-door-jamb joy of Passover alive the whole year through.

Ten Plagues Finger Puppets, designed by Yitzy Erps, $16.95 [judaism.com via extreme craft]
Previously: Plagues of Egypt plush toys

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