February 24, 2007

Now Don't Think About Your Parents Having Sex

They say 10% of Europeans were conceived in Ikea beds. If this giant collection of vintage magazine ads is any indication, at least 10% of Americans born before the Dodge Caravan was introduced were conceived in customized vans.


I'll double-check on Wikipedia in a minute, but I'm pretty sure that male symbol-looking thing on the side of this Dodge Van just means it was made using only the best steel available.

Van Advertisements: "A New Set Of Adult Toys [sic] From Dodge" [iiidragons via coop]
Previously: Volvo Logo, Name, Found Mildly Suggestive By Some


I particularly like the disconnect in this one...
Macho van (STRONG BOX) picking up a load from...
fabric shop?!?!

Ahhh yes. The F*ck Truck.

Viva la Tommy Bradford!

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