February 24, 2007

Honda Crossroads: Where Element Meets Scion xB


Honda launched a new cross-over [and over] in Japan yesterday: the Crossroad. It's a block-shaped SUV/compact/minivan that comes in 2WD and 4WD models, and which reconfigures to hold up to seven passengers [i.e., 5-friends/2-enemies or 7 monks who've sworn off material possessions, since the third row is/is in the cargo space.]

For comparison, the Crossroad is as long as the Element and as tall as the new CR-V. And even without the Mugen bodykit, it's almost as boxy as the Scion, with a bit of that Ridgeline beveling. It comes with two VTEC engine options [2.0L and 1.8L] and ranges from 1.9-2.9 million yen, or about $16-24,000.


So is this rig ever coming to the US [beside to film the promo video, that is]? Jalopnik mentions "anecdotal reports the Crossroad will replace the current Element," which we're totally running with. Here on DT, the relentless pursuit of verifiable facts only applies to car seats; for everything else, made-up rumors will suffice.

Honda Crossroad corporate site, japanese only
Honda Crossroad press kit, with a million photos [carscoop via dt reader marc]
the finished video that freaked people out when they saw the unidentified Crossroad in LA [jalopnik]


I'm going to have to give this one a thumbs down, since it reminds be of the misbegotten love child of a Hummer H3 and a Skoda Roomster.

I'd like to see this replace the Element... never been crazy about that vehicle. I did see a lowered one the other day though that looked like what the next-gen Scion xB *should* have looked like...

Hey Greg:

Nice design work on the Crossroad, but I suspect the interior room is tight like all mid-sizers.

I've got three young boys, all doing different sports and the only thing that works for us on weekends is a gnarly Yukon or similar gas-hog.

Maybe Honda could cross the Element with the Yukon, or the Escalade with spinners. My wife would kill me, but at least I'd feel like a pimp.


OML: "All that works." Nice attempt to justify going with the soccor-mom Yukon herd. You don't definitely don't want a vehicle that's "a little tight". With your position on the socio-economic ladder, you deserve nothing but the biggest and best.

Incidentally, mystery vehicle you're looking for is called a minivan. It's as big inside as the Yukon but gets better mileage and won't pollute the air your kids breathe quite as much.

But if you're got self-image problems...you might want to stick with the herd.


Nice exterior design, but I'm dubious of the interior room.

We have three young boys who are all into sports, and our Jeep is getting smaller and smaller. Looks like the Yukon is next. Or maybe an Escalade with spinners. Scratch that..the wife would shriek and we can't have that.

It'd be great to have huge interior room and flashy Honda style, but I doubt we'll ever see that.



Sorry for the double post...I thought the first one killed it.

We tried the minivan, but outgrew it. Too many gear bags, and the mileage was actually identical to the Yukon.

First day here, AgnesDad. Do you attack everyone like that or just me? Speaking of 'problems', my image is fine. Perhaps you should work on your grammar and syntax problem, or take your granola views over to HuffPo where somebody might actually give a damn. Tool.

I think it's pretty fresh, considering it's a Honda.

Honda has never been particularly good with body design, (save for the s2000, that is) so it's nice to see them producing something that has people talking.

The interior is going to make or break it, IMO. I really wish this had come out before I bought our Subaru B9...


The Element was interesting, and distinctive (and had the hose-able floor pan, great for filthy scuba gear - sports equip, etc). This thing simply looks like another sad redux of the "Pilot" in Honda's attempt to colonize the 'burbs with gas-pigs. (just like the big-3).

I'll stick with my Subaru. (and no, I'm NOT a birkie wearing-granola muncher).

[dude, maybe you're thinking of the Ridgeline. this thing is shorter and slightly taller than a Forrester and gets better mileage (32 vs 26). Of course, Honda could still botch things by NOT bringing it to the US... -ed.]

Certified Honda hater chiming in to say that this thing is sharp. I'm not a fan of S/CUVs as I usually prefer the looks and drivability of a wagon but this is a good looking auto.

They can call it whatever the want, but it's still a Civic with the aerodynamics of a cinderblock. Good luck merging on the Merritt and the LIE.


It's as if the Scion and Element weren't ugly enough, they went ahead and made something even more ugly.

as an element owner, i'm not interested in this nor Scions.

driving an element is akin to driving the Tardis, but with suicide doors. if they kill what makes the element different, i'm afraid i'll be looking at some other trucklet in the future.

I live in Japan and just bought a new Crossroad. I'm 6'2 and weigh well over 300lbs and there is plenty of space in this car.

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