February 22, 2007

And That, My Friends, Is What A Publicist Can Do For Your Business


Things like get you full credit in the New York Times [!] for someone else's products which have been online and available for at least a year, some for two! AWESOME! Congratulations!

Babesta Loves The 80's! [nyt]
...aaaand so does Jellio


It's "Lite Brite," not "Brite Lite." Argh!!

I received that press release. I throw away releases from retailers who are selling someone else's product. I especially don't care where Kate Hudson, Britney Spears and Maggie Gyllenhaal shop. I double triple don't care when I can't even identify two of the three celebrities named.

I just came across this post and wanted to let you know (because we are not in the business of deceiving anyone and pretending that we created products that we did not, as we are a retailer):
The NY Times wanted to do something on Retro craze. They asked me about a range of products (not only Jellio's) - and I included all of our retro-minded products (tees, etc), including Jellio's. I gave the name and contact info of Jellio, as I was asked if there was one company that produced a slew of these products. That was the company that came to mind. I ALWAYS give the names of the designers as that is what we do - we bring together the coolest designers out there (at least with our taste palate)-- we are only as successful as the talented designers that are in the store.

Anyway, I even called and alerted Jellio of the opportunity that was coming their way. I think they are amazing and am so happy to have them working with Babesta.

PR, no matter what you think of it, is how an online store is able to distinguish itself in the marketplace. The publicity on the product not only helps let people who might be interested know about Babesta, but also get familiar with Jellio and the range of other designers who they might not have an opportunity to see otherwise. Note also on our site, the designer's name is in the write up on all of the products.

I know that DaddyTypes has been an early supporter of Babesta, and I appreciate that. I definitely wanted to clear this up because I would hate to be known as an opportunist. The large bills I shoulder for getting press for the store and the products within benefit (I hope!) everyone affiliated with us.

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