February 22, 2007

You've Come A Long Way, Brah!

Now that's what I call progress! Just a couple of weeks ago, MomsRising was just another post-feminist attempt to reinvigorate interest in demanding improvements to intractable issues of work-family balance that nevertheless focused exclusively on women and mothers, basically taking...
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Q: Has Anyone Ever Had Their Euro Car Seat Confiscated At Customs?

A freaked out British DT reader emailed, wondering if their Maxi-Cosi Cabrio was going to get confiscated by US Customs when they landed at the airport. Seems they were reading along in an otherwise uneventful and mildly informative messageboard thread...
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And That, My Friends, Is What A Publicist Can Do For Your Business

Things like get you full credit in the New York Times [!] for someone else's products which have been online and available for at least a year, some for two! AWESOME! Congratulations! Babesta Loves The 80's! [nyt] ...aaaand so...
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Gooooooooal! World Cup Sex Produces German Baby Mini-Boom

OK, so the only actual data mentioned in the article is a 10-15% increase in births at the "largest birth clinic in Kassel." The German media is convinced there is a baby boom right now, and that it's related to...
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Personally, I Blame Monocle For The Sudden Rash Of Prince Pickles Coverage

So the week after Wallpaper*-founder Tyler Brule's new magazine, Monocle runs a 17-page cover story about the Japan Self-Defense Force, the International Herald Tribune has a story about the JSDF's deployment of Prince Pickle, their anime character mascot, to...
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Awesome Felt Rocks By Molo Design

More Toys From The Glorious Future. This time, it's Felt Rocks:In their raw form, they are lumps of felt formed as a by-product in the industrial process of making felt polishing wheels for optical lenses...In the felting process, with...
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