February 21, 2007

Crochet+Atari Mash-Up: Now That's A TV For The Kid's Room

Artist Christine Domanic made this sweet, sweet crocheted TV with Pitfall playing on it under her etsy handle, JackRabbit. Which does not, unfortunately, mean it is for sale. Of course, it doesn't matter for you, because if it had...
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Forget The iPod, Bring On More Nylon Mesh Teddy Bears

As far as the iPod player and light show goes, I think this iPulse Bear from Sharper Image is a bit overkill. Obviously not as ridiculous as the toilet paper dispenser/iPod speaker combmo, but it's in the same quartile....
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Q: What Makes A Nice Restaurant High Chair?

I've been thinking a couple of things about restaurant high chairs recently [yes, forecast calls for a high dad-dork alert in the area. whatryagonnado?]. 1) We went to the cafeteria at MoMA last week for lunch. [A pannini, ravioli,...
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City Bakery, 3 West 18th St, (betw 5th & 6th Aves) - YES

Says DT reader/changing table scout Daniel, "One more strike against patriarchy! [?]"...
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Why Rent A Room When You Can Trade The Breast Milk For Free?

DT reader Mimi has a communal living situation next door to her that involves a mime. So she was perhaps better prepared to see this recent Craigslist posting than I was: We are offering a free room for a woman...
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