February 20, 2007

Hallmark Tries To Conceive...Of More Occasions To Send A Card


I guess cards with ready-to-go, sympathetic sentiments about infertility and miscarriage signal some kind of lifting of lonely taboos of silence, but still, they seem a little odd.

Hallmark Journeys: The Right Words Help Cope. With Family Matters [hallmark via coudal]

update: that didn't take long. Gawker's got a bunch of suggestions for new cards. To which I would add, "Hey! You're knocked up because I humped you/ I met Gisele after I dumped you."

1 Comment

Hallmark has always carried cards for such occasions. This new line, with cards made especially for these sensitive situations, might just be drawing your attention to it. By the way, I designed a lot of these cards. Not this one, my friend did. So I guess it's good for us that you find this "odd" enough to post on your blog.


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