February 19, 2007

Hot! Naked! Cam! Swedish! 2008 C-Class Wagon Spyshots


Gotta hand it to the test drivers at Mercedes Benz, they sure know what color of car photographs best against the snow drifts of their Swedish proving grounds.

The Car Connection has some new spyshots of the largely undisguised 2008 C-Class Wagon, which isn't set to debut for another six months or so [the sedan is launching at Geneva in March.]

It definitely has the family ressemblance, like an S-class and an E-class wagon hooked up behind the barn. I'll miss the old C-Class wagon's distinctive roofline, though. That baby got back. This baby, well, maybe he's really smart or coordinated or something.

2008 Mercedes C-Class Wagon Spy Shots [thecarconnection via jalopnik]

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Whooa, that's a serious Mercedes fixation you've got there, Greg! You're the first person I've ever heard of who actually likes the Mercedes wagon design - current or future. And I won't even get into the dorky B-class...(which I've driven several times in France). My wife owns a current model C-class sedan and we like the design well enough, but they don't drive all that well, aren't as comfortable, or even look as nice as the comparable Audi or BMW, say... or even a Mazda! To each his own, eh? In the meantime, try the Audi A4 wagon!

[we were thwarted/duped on our B-class rental over Christmas; I was really looking forward to trying it. The dork factor works for me, at least in theory. The little hump in the roof of the current/previous C-class wagon is what I like best, really. Overall, though, I have to agree with you on the A4. If only because the A2's out of production... -ed.]

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