February 19, 2007

Rhyming Names

I know the mob has spoken, but I, for one, kind of miss the DT Namewatch feature. I might have to talk to someone about that... Anyway, names that rhyme: Jack Black's nothing. I just came across a great white...
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LOL (On The Inside): Ben Weber Dad Videos

You know how you fall asleep with public radio on, and when you wake up, it's Joe Frank, and you're tired, but you're also too transfixed to turn it off? Ben Weber's YouTube videos are kind of like that, only...
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The Color of Music

I never knew that Do-Re-Mi, etc. is called solfege, and that the syllables associated with each note are credited to the same guy as modern musical notation itself, a 10th-century monk known as Guido of Arezzo. All this time, I...
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Hot! Naked! Cam! Swedish! 2008 C-Class Wagon Spyshots

Gotta hand it to the test drivers at Mercedes Benz, they sure know what color of car photographs best against the snow drifts of their Swedish proving grounds. The Car Connection has some new spyshots of the largely undisguised...
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Wha Wha Wha?? 6-Foot Ugly Dolls

I've seen these in convention booths and even at store, but I just assumed they were display/fixtures, kind of like the 8' Stokke Tripp Trapp we saw in Iceland. But no, you can buy six-foot tall Ugly Dolls of...
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Little Bony By David Horvath

This just in from the Show You Can't See and Stuff You Can't Buy Department: In a long interview with Crown Dozen in 2005 about the explosion of the Ugly Dolls phenomenon [which is only continuing, of course. There were...
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Unfortunately, Brio Never Heard What Happened In North Haverbrook

You know, a wooden train company with a monorail is a little like the mule with a spinning wheel. No-one knows why they made it and danged if he knows where to get it! Actually, they made it in...
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