February 16, 2007

What I Got From Katsucon13: Day 1

I stopped by Katsucon 13 this morning, the big anime convention that happens to be down the street from our joint in DC. [Yes, I just called our house a joint. But after chilling at the con, my nerdmeter is...
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Some TV Mook 'Invents' Product That's Been Around For Years

It probably shouldn't be a surprise that the producer/host of some random, me-too reality TV shows, now thinks that he's invented a nipple that fits on a water bottle. The only thing he deserves credit for is getting them...
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No YouTube For A Week

ouch. [flickr via daddyinastrangeland]...
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Sweetness In Seattle: CalderEagle Now A Parent

Someone abandoned these little baby sculptures under the Alexander Calder sculpture, Eagle, in Seattle's Olympic Sculpture Park. Says Belltown: The eaglets' birth parent(s) - we'll assume father(s) - were nowhere to be found, leaving behind only a small sign...
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It's An eBay Morning: Sweet Creative Playthings House, Furn.

This sweet Creative Playthings doll house has a bit of play wear on the edges--and, uh, it's missing the bottom floor--but the only thing bad I can say about all the furniture is that the doll family appears to...
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Follow-up: Kids In Cages Somewhat Frowned Upon In Ohio

In the end, the Ohio courts did not accept Sharen and Michael Grevelle's interpretation of "strict rules" to improve their 11 adopted special needs kids' behavior. It wasn't the starving them and forcing them to steal food, so much as...
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