February 15, 2007

Pregnancy T-Shirt Helps Skinny Women Celebrate A Little Bit Of Fat


After she had a kid, Frederique Daubal designed this limited edition t-shirt for Hint, the online fashion magazine:

"It's an homage to femininity," she says about the pregnancy motif, "and the poetic explosion that happens in the belly and the two amazing little explosions in the breasts. It's something funny and attractive to wear. I couldn't resist." The tees, which are cut slightly small, are a little like training wheels for the real thing—or at least a good excuse for a bump of the fat kind.
The shirt's available online in women's small and medium, $55 [hintmag.com]

1 Comment

Well, this being a "weblog for new dads" I will assume this is a shirt for daddies. In that case, I have noticed an explosion in my belly since my daughter was born, but my breasts really haven't grown that much.

btw - how can you use the phrase "explosions in the breasts" and not include Uma?

[go ahead, it's meant to be worn "a little small" -ed.]

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