February 14, 2007

Entirely Unprompted Dream Furniture For, By Italian Kids

Tell me if I'm reading this right: One of the educational consulting offerings of Pesce Colorato is to develop children's creativity and deepen their understanding and mastery of the creative process through collaborative design and manufacture? Because from here,...
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Grease Babies, Or The Scary Underbelly Of Canadian Daycare

Here's a documentary that's long overdue: turns out kids in those lavishly subsidized Canadian daycare centers are being terrorized by Rizzo, and they're dropping out of beauty school faster than you can say, "Go, Greased Stroller." Next up: John...
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Should You Watch The Manny's YouTube?

If you want to see him giving the blowup killer whale a reacharound and hear his folk songs about buttsex, then duhyeah. Being quick-on-the-draw with an improvised lyric is a priority in any childcare professional's life, not just the...
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Leggo My Lego!

The kid doesn't know what a Lego is, but, thanks to Kellogg's™ Lego® Fruit Flavored Snacks, she can learn a valuable lesson: Legos are for putting in your mouth! Also, they're an important source of vitamin C, almost as...
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Whoa, Kid-Sized Tetris

First off, that Play+Soft series of Reggio Emilia-inspired playroom furniture posted here a couple of weeks ago? Tip of the iceberg. Their catalogue is full of incredible, fun-looking, and well-thought-out designs. [It's for sale here for $22.] Play+Soft was...
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Will You Be My DIY Wall Mural/Decal Friend?

Here are some great-looking techniques for turning any image you want into a wall-sized mural or decal, whether it's digital or analog, an Eric Carle kangaroo or a crazed, hammer-wielding yakuza. At his new blog Daddyhack, frequent DT contributor Eric...
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Pampers Chairs, Recycled

In the early 1990's, the German artists Beata and Gerhard Bär and Hartmut Knell began developing techniques to reuse consumer plastics, not as ground up, grey park benches, but in a way that underscored their past lives. It was...
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