February 13, 2007

Matali Crasset Is A One-Woman Ikea Kids Department


That desk Matali Crasset did for Balouga turns out to be the tip of her kid-friendly design iceberg. At the Stedelijk in Amsterdam Hertogenbosch [?] there's a whole museumful of playful, sherbet-colored furniture and architecture in an exhibition called "Spring Harvest."


There's a playhouse fitted with chairs and tables, and a loft/pod/playroom deal with some bright-but-seemingly-unreachable storage on top. And hot pink carpet. Without a kid for scale, I can't tell if it's actually for children, or for the35-year-old Hello Kitty otaku demographic. But I'm all for using an igloo made out of pop-riveted translucent garbage cans as a kid's room. At least until I have to Swiffer it.


Matali Crasset, "Spring Harvest", Nov 26-Feb 25, WTF, where's the website?? If a show opens and closes in BF Holland without a website, does it make a sound? No [sm-s.nl Images via pan-dan]
Crasset's bucket igloo was sureptitiously photographed last year at the Cooper Hewitt [flickr]
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