February 12, 2007

Sweet Britax Promotion - 20% Off Through 2/16

EliteCarSeats.com is a former DT advertiser who's got a sweet deal going on Britax car seats. Through Friday, 2/16, all infant carrier and car seat models except the Regent are 20% off. The deal goes for accessories like bases and covers, too. Combined with their standard offer of free shipping, this is about as cheap as you'll find these rigs. Of course, lower prices means lower kickbacks for Daddy Types, but as long as your kid gets his cushy captain's chair, we're cool with that.

Britax Promotion through 2/16. See Elite Car Seats for details.

1 Comment

Thanks, Greg! I'd been looking for a good price on the Britax Companion for some time now. By the way, Britax strollers are also 20 percent off at EliteCarSeats until 2/16. Best prices I've seen for either item.

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