February 12, 2007

Knit Tits A Hit With Brits

knitted_breast_models.jpgLactation consultants in Liverpool are deploying handknit model breasts to teach new mothers proper latching and milk expressing techniques. The idea started when one consultant brought a pair in from home and got a favorable response. More were needed, though, so they turned to the obvious place for fake breasts, the internet, and asked knitting groups for help.

Apparently, at a whopping 35 pounds, the official versions are prohibitive and impractical to work with. Which is odd. I would think that, even working just 2-3 nights/week, 35-pound breasts would be able to pay for themselves many times over and cover tuition at a decent state school on top of that. But I would agree that hauling them around all the time might get wearisome.

Knitted breasts help new mothers [bbc via craft]
PS Here's the pattern, in case there are any knitters out there [knitty]


Yet another reason Britain needs to switch to the €.

Hey look, typing € seems to make a server error. Probably £ too.

This is daddytypes -- just typing in a comment gives you a 50-50 chance of getting a server error ;)

[d'oh. I swear, I'm working on ---[505 SERVER ERROR INPUT NOT RECOGNIZED] Apache v1.0.9.9

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