February 12, 2007

Greg Ball's X-Crib Design Matches Skateboard, Probably Legal In Canada


Designer/MocoLoco contributor/Canadian Greg Ball has one more '/' to add to his resume: dad-to-be. You could also say he's not yet satisfied with all the crib options out there [shoulda been here three years ago, Mac], so he designed his own:

Inspired by the many man-made boundaries that limit and restrain us in life, x-crib takes a humorous approach to confining and protecting our children from harm. Taking visual cues from livestock, and barbed wire fences, the x-shaped motif visually encourages our young to stay in the crib. Using sex-neutral colors, the design is intended for girls and boys.
Now, I know what you're thinking: those horizontal cut-outs might make sweet footholds for the kid to eventually climb out and fall on his crochet-capped head. I thought the same thing, but then I remembered an article I read somewhere, "Perky 'Canada' Has Its Own Government, Laws." Sure enough, the CPSC has regulations about crib footholds, but the Canadian equivalent makes no mention of it. Unless it's in the half the law written in some wild, accent-filled gobbledygook. Aucune idee what that's aboot.

Conclusion: Humor, barbed wire pens, and cribs that match your skateboard? Dude, I'm all for it. Watch for a prototype--and an adorable little product tester--in the Spring.

X-Crib [johngregball.com via mocoloco]


Enough with all the x-stuff. Extreme? Hah.

I'd actually be more worried about the nasty choke point formed where the big radius on the blue end meets up with the green side. That looks like it would fail the headform cutout test. Then again, that one's CPSC only. As long as he's got the warnings in both French and English with the same size text for each, it's good enough for Canada.

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