February 9, 2007

WTH?? Once-Skeptical Dad Pens Love Letter To Disney Cruises

Look, I went on a cruise against my better judgment, now I'm done. End of story. But I guess if you HAVE to take a cruise WITH four boys, a Disney Cruise MIGHT be the way to go. Boat's gorgeous. Food's incredible. Kids' ecstatic. Hard sell's almost non-existent.

And yet, is it enough to overcome this?

I wandered over where two bakers were busy paddling pies in and out of a pizza oven while water sloshed out of the nearby pool along with half a dozen semi-inebriated middle-aged adults. “I haven’t had this much fun since college,” one of the women announced, flashing, with a “Girls Gone Wild” flourish of her bikini top, something presumably not often glimpsed in the wonderful world of Disney. The pizza, consumed in the warm salty midnight breezes of the pitching Gulf Stream, seemed almost as decadent as the company.
I don't think so.

Sea Change For A Dad [nyt]
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1 Comment

Perhaps she was just preparing to breastfeed? Why are you so anti-breastfeeding?!?

[very funny. are folks in Bristol considered 'cast members' too? -ed.]

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