February 8, 2007

Diapers In The News Or, Our Tax Dollars At Work


A lot of Ivy League brain power being expended on the crazy-astronaut-in-a-diaper story this week:

  • the Yale Daily News waxes philosophical about the MAG [Maximum Absorbency Garment], wondering if all the publicity'll create a, uh, trickle-down effect in the popularity of adult diapers. [ydn via gary at gearability]
  • Newsweek, meanwhile, flexed their media power at got someone from NASA's MAG-HQ on the horn to explain that 1), they're not diapers, more like pull-ups, 2) as long as no Big Gulp runs are involved, a MAG can last 8-10 hours, and 3) it's unlikely NASA'd let even non-psycho astronauts keep a stash at home, so they're probably Depends anyway. [newsweek]
  • The US psy-ops troops in Iraq are apparently playing Sesame Street and Barney theme songs non-stop to soften up detainees before questioning: "If you play it for 24 hours, your brain and body functions start to slide, your train of thought slows down and your will is broken. That's when we come in and talk to them." Despite its superficial ressemblance to caring for a small child, Amnesty International calls the practice torture. [Of course Donald Rumsfeld used to say that since he used a standing height desk, forcing detainees to stand for 24 hours wasn't torture, either, and now his travel radius is almost as tight as Kissinger's.] [bbc]


    What? No link to a deal on Amazon to buy 99$ in Depends and get a 25$ gift certificate to the tool department? (Mallets, axes, reciprocating saws and shovels on sale!)
    You're just going to have to learn to cross market more effectively, dude. That crazy astronaut demographic has a lot of buying power.

    I don't get the diaper thing. This lady had a 900-mile trip from Texas to Florida - unless she had a fuel truck traveling next to her, she would have to get gas eventually. Common sense would dictate that she could take care of her bladder during re-fueling. Maybe the diapers put her into "mission-mode".

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