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February 4, 2007

Prouve-lookin' Doll House Chairs From US [Via Japan]


Landscape Products is a sweet modern design shop in Tokyo; it's affiliated with one of the most incredible-looking kid stores there, too, a place near Ebisu & Hiro-o called Chigo. [The Tokyo ex-pat grandparents got the kid a gorgeous felted ball necklace from there two Christmases ago.]

Anyway, in their vintage inventory at the moment, they're currently showing these unmarked, US-sourced, 26cm-high doll house chairs 'c. 1980.' I'm not a dollhouse furniture guy, but these things are awesome, like Prouve setting up house with Aalto.

Anyway, they're also 26,250 yen, which means they get put on the high shelf, out of kidsreach.

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Chigo looks very cool... we didn't make it to that area (two years in a row now, despite plans to go to Roppongi Hills both times) so it's on the list for the next trip. (Most of their toys look like the same cool wooden European stuff that the yuppie baby stores here carry though...)

Of course, after our last toy store experience in Japan (dragging a screaming, kicking, toddler out of Kiddieland in Harajuku), I'm perfectly fine not toy shopping at all... :)

posted by: cam c. at February 4, 2007 1:49 PM
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